is a resource for homeowners, real estate developers, agents, association boards, and managers who are involved in the transition of a homeowners association from developer control to homeowner control. This website is intended to specifically address the issues facing townhome, condominium, and homeowner associations in North Carolina.

You will discover that North Carolina has few laws and no state agencies that specifically deal with the oversight of homeowner associations when they are under developer control or going through the transition process.

There is a natural tension existing between developers and homeowners which can cloud the true issues that may be facing an association. Most of the problems we see surrounding these new associations are related to a lack of communications. This lack of communications leads to a misunderstanding of each party’s roles, intentions, and is one of the biggest issues facing the homeowner association industry. It is important that all parties involved maintain “cool heads” when dealing with the issues that will invariably arise.

Most real estate developers are honest, ethical, professionals who truly want to do the right thing in their dealings with their associations. It is important that the developer build a high level of trust with the homeowners in an effort to avoid lawsuits which, quite frankly, tend to benefit attorneys more than homeowner associations.

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